December 30, 2006

Another Exciting New Year's Eve

Yep, looks like Pa and me'll be celebratin another New Year's Eve the same ole way.

After a few stiff shots of moonshine-laced eggnog, we'll do the nasty on the front porch shellin last season's dried "Happy Beans". The one's we in the trunk...uh..."someone sent to us" from Mexico. (Yeah, that's it: "someone" sent them to us.) Then we'll use an old recipe Pa picked up from Moondoggie back at Woodstock: where we mash em and roll em up in some good Jamaican papers I've had since the 60's, mon. Kick back, light up and rock in the New Year on our rockers with memories of Jimi, Janice and The Dead dancin on that ole front porch roun' midnight when the ball drops in Times Square.

About the same time Pa & me'll drop one last dime...toke one more for Crosby, Stills & Nash (pre Young), give in to the usual munchies and chill on the porch till dawn. Been a bummer of a year. Hope when the sun comes up and the clouds of smoked Happy Beans drift do those old troubles and woes. Probably just making way for new ones. *Sigh* But....considering the alternative of not settin on that porch again next New Year's Eve with Pa (even without the Happy Beans)....I'll take whatever the New Year has to offer.


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