July 10, 2006


It's July and that means lilies in bloom. It means loads of other flowers bursting with brilliance as well. But, these lilies are especially attractive at the very center of the center bed in my garden. Can't for the life of me remember the name. They were a gift from the American Horticultural Society when I joined up about 8 years ago. I've just been calling them "AHS Lily". Seems appropriate.

The gigantic rudbeckias are in full glory as well. They've been volunteering for nearly 14 years. Haven't started seeds since then. I just love volunteers. Make gardening life so much easier. I always find it interesting and a bit frustrating that those seeds which germinate and forthcoming flowering plants, always seem so much stronger and bloom-filled than the ones I nurture inside my greenhouse. I think flowers respond better to tough love.

Probably the single biggest joy in gardening for me, aside from the creative aspect of it, isn't the newly discovered seedling or surviving prized perennial. It's the joy I find in the garden's other living inhabitants.The knowledge that many of them are there only because I've planted and designed such a hospitable environment for them in which to frolic, mate, set up nest-keeping and raise their broods.

It's extra satisfying to see the same (if not at least the same varieties) return year after year to do it all over again. Much like me. Except I'm sure they keep their nests cleaner than mine during the gardening season, seeing how most of my time is spent outdoors.

I keep hoping my cats will do the laundry, make the beds and prepare dinner. But, alas....they're kitties and kitties don't do housework. They eat and sleep and occasionally play and give back to me the same kind of rewards I get from that garden of mine. Peace, love, gentleness, serenity and sanity,