February 18, 2006

February 17, 2006


Had the roof redone. Work began around 8:00 yesterday and the guys finished up about 5:00. Considering it's a relatively small roof, I thought they might finish earlier. But it got done.

I just wish they'd been the slightest bit more careful of where they threw their gigantic leftover bundles of shingles when they were done. You'd think the driveway would be a likely place to toss the stuff. Wider, clear of any obstructions on either side. But, no. These guys had to chuck shingles, plastic, paper....whatever...all onto my little 3 or 4 foot walkway. My walkway which is surrouned on both sides by my planting beds! Can you say: Crushed plants?

I was hoping the snow wouldn't melt before we had the next phase of this done (the trim work and redoing the soffits and gutters). That work will bring galomping workboots even closer to the house and more ground work. Meaning: more direct traipsing in my flowerbeds adjacent to the house.

While I already moved most perennials out of harms way last fall, there's still some that just couldn't be moved. My hopes were the ground would be frozen enough to protect them and even better would be a nice protective cover of snow.

Sure, we had 18" of snow last week...but it's a memory now.Sigh! Oh well, nothing to do but hope for the best and look at it the way I've been adivsed to view it by some other gardeners: It'll give me an opportunity to redesign those areas I should have before, but never had the wherewithall to dig everything out. Sometimes. Some decisions are made for you. And....they're not always all bad.
Good thing I didn't take the time to sit and worry about it last week. My thoughts might have been a little chillier than usual.