October 29, 2008

Away From The Garden

"To say nothing or remain silent about that which you consider unethical or unacceptable, is to condone it, and like a cancer, allow it to spread"

But, sometimes, even the most verbose, most outraged and most saddened of us can never raise our voices loud enough, express our outrage strong enough or cry rivers of tears deep enough over the pain and suffering inflicted upon the weak, the helpless and the voiceless by the heartless, the cruel and the inhumane.

Sometimes to rail against the prevailing wind of insensitivities is to do so in vain. Ultimately, our only recourse may be to turn from those inevitable gusts, pull our coats of loved ones, ethics, principles and all that is precious to us - even tighter...closer... and follow our own path away from the storm and ignorance that rages around us.

Or not.

BTW: There is no more to read right now.