December 21, 2006


Well, we got the tree afterall. Debated and debated. There was so little time to do much of any decorating not to mention so little energy. But, as I sat one afternoon last week in the vet's waiting room while Tyler was receiving one of his three-times-a-week courses of medicine, I decided that just as we had gotten a small tree for Tyler for his first Christmas with us (which I really didn't want to do because my first beloved cat, Mister, had died earlier that year and all I could think about was the first Christmas in nearly 20 years without him)...I decided we would have a small tree, again, for Tyler and now for Sandy as well. It would be a "Tyler & Sandy Tree".

It's a small tree. Bigger by some standards, but smaller in comparison to our past trees. About 4 feet high, resting on top of a two-foot table, it stands alone in the living room surrounded by only a few little soft Christmas sculptures. But it's the decorations which make it significant. After searching through all my own handmade and gifted handmade ornaments, I ferreted out only the angels and all the cat ornaments I could find. Or anything relating to either Tyler or Sandy or Mister.

Above it all rests the angel I made over 12 years ago. Above it all she looks down on the tree. Above it all I hope her symbolism and the message and hope of Christ's birth looks down on us all. In my home and in yours.

Blessings and Prayers to all.

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