February 02, 2010

"Rumors Of My Death..."

"...have been greatly exaggerated", to quote Mark Twain.

Like the infamous Pennsylvania groundhog, Punxatawney Phil, or the chipmunks who cohabit my garden along with my resident perennials, we've all been hibernating for the winter. The onset of my dormancy, however, began long before winter's official solstice and may very well prove to be more protracted than Phil's, the chipmunks' or my garden's perennials'.

Frosty white blankets shroud the garden benches that await my return.

For the duration and until my gardening spirit is motivated to rest upon those benches once again and seek solace, respite and renewal of hope with Spring's promise, my only outdoor forays consist of the care, feeding and enjoyment of my faithful feathered and furried garden charges who struggle to prevail through winter's and Life's harsh realities and encourage me to do the same.

To proffer another quote, this time from Monty Python: "She ain't dead.  She's just restin'."

1 comment:

Randy Emmitt said...

It looks like you did get aq little snow there! We await rain to melt our snow in a while.