August 11, 2009

A Garden In Spite Of Myself

Despite my neglect of it, the garden manages to survive and thrive in some cases. Which only goes to prove that....
"Time and Tide.....and apparently a garden....waits for no man."
Or woman.

Thank God.

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Anonymous said...

Linda, Your gardens are lovely! Your use of color is very good; the textures, varied heights, and different forms work so well together.

Hope you are well.



Anonymous said...

Surely this can't be a neglected garden; it's gorgeous.

Jennifer C.

Linda said...

Thanks to the both of you for the kind encouragement. I suppose one's perception of neglect isn't always that of another's. We all are our own worst critics after all.

Times are quite trying now. Still even in its 'relatively' neglected state, it manages to provide me with a much needed respite...if only for my eyes.

Thanks again for stopping by.