January 11, 2009

The Faeries Keep Calling Me Back To My Garden

**If you want to pause picture, click on double lines "II" at bottom left of slide show**

Maybe they'll be calling you back to the garden soon, too. Maybe not for quite a few months. But there's a garden out there, under the frozen earth and inside the warmth of your heart.

And certainly inside your busy head all full of plans and ideas being egged on by those catalogs stuffing your mailbox day after day. Now's still the time for dreaming and planning. But as eager as you may be, don't wish these present days, weeks and months away. Every day....any day....is precious and won't come back again.

Don't wish too hard for "Tomorrow". It'll be here soon enough and then you'll wish it were "Yesterday" when you missed out on something because you were too busy thinking about "Tomorrow".

As my Mother used to day: "Today is the Tomorrow you wished for Yesterday". I think the fairies would agree.


Anonymous said...

Badplantmommy here. Love the Faerie garden!

On the subject of faeries, I saw the cutest thing in a book about making dollhouse bathrooms: it was a little faerie restroom, made out of all organic materials. ;-)

I get ya about living in the present; I have been forced to do that lately. --J--

Alan said...

The garden faeries and sprites have moved into my indoor kitchen garden. I keep catching glimpses of the out of the corner of my eye. I've reset the traps for mice (Mouse Wars is a big thing at my farm) but caught nothing. That means I'm crazy or the faeries have moved in for the winter. Maybe they can keep my orchids and ginger going until it is warm enough in the green house.

Linda said...

Badplantmommy, I was inspired by a book given to me by a dear friend in Michigan. The book was entirely devoted to fairie villages right down to the most intricate detail and all using natural material. It wasn't so much a "how to" book as it was a story. Much like I tried to tell in that little slideshow montage I made. Between my garden and my friends, I acquire a lot of inspiration. I'm very blessed with both.

Linda said...

Alan, I linked to your one of your blogs, "Robert's Roost", via your name. Sandy mesmerized me so I was unable to check out your other blogs. :) But, I'll do so in the future. My cat's name is Sandy and she could probably ride your Sandy's back - no problem!
I found your "Robert's Roost" and your, organic, eco-friendly, sustainable quest in Ohio fascinating. Thanks again for stopping by.

BTW: It's probably not mice at all. Even Fairies know when to come in from a cold Ohio winter. :)

Melanie said...

topofthehill here. That faerie garden is adorable and so meticulous. Would you care to share the title of the inspirational book?

Linda said...

Hi, Melanie (Top) :)

I'd be glad to share the name of the book. It was a gift several years ago from my dear friend, Janet, who knew/knows of my love for faerie gardens. 

It's called "fairy island" by Laura C. Martin and Cameron Martin, published by Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, Inc.

 The price on the book is listed at $15.95. If I know Janet, she purchased it at Barnes & Noble. But I'm sure if you Google it, you can locate it. It's an amazing book!

BTW: Yes, the faeries can be quite meticulous not unlike their gardener-host who can be quite anal, too. *wink* Now....if we can just find a teeny-tiny snow plow. :)

Here's a link to it: fairy island

Duralee said...

Enjoyed your story on the Faries I have enjoyed faries for many years and have a few in my garden.