November 04, 2008



I'm proud to have been one of those people and proud and blessed that this has happened in my lifetime.

Cowardice asks the question: "Is it safe"?
Expediency asks the question:"Is it politic"?
Vanity asks the question:"Is it popular?"
But conscience asks the question:"Is it right?"
And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because one's conscience tells one what is right.
M.L. King


No more words to say despite the following:


Karen said...

Finally, yes, we did it! What a wonderful day. I feel hopeful for the first time in almost a decade. What a relief!

Victoria said...

Fantastic result. Across the pond, we're celebrating with you.

Linda said...

Thanks you both, Karen & Victoria, for leaving a comment on my blog. (I've reciprocated on both of yours.)

Who knew that in addition to this wonderful victory which I pray will bring more of us together and finally prove the true spirit of democracy America should have been honestly and sincerely promoting all along, that it would also bring other gardeners together as well. :) Good things are already beginning to happen, indeed!

Anonymous said...

I'm with your comments all the way,Gardenz!

Linda said...

Thanks, Anonymous, whoever you are. :) You obviously know me from some garden forums, so at least I know there's someone out there who's a member of a forum to which I belong who feels likewise about President Elect Obama.

Anonymous said...

What a relief it was. Imagine what would have happened to our country and the world if the vote had gone the other way. The only other time I can remember feeling half this hopeful was when Kennedy was elected!

And imagine having a president who doesn't sound like semi-literate trailer trash! We don't have to be mortified anymore...(This is jenniferch.)

Linda said...

"Imagine a president who doesn't sound like semi-literate trailer trash. We don't have to be mortified anymore." Blaaa-hah-hah!! Exacat-a-mundo, jennifer!

Although, I have to admit I'll miss Jon Stewart's impressions of the buffoon.

Riddle: How many books would G.W. have to contribute to stock a wing in his (no doubt future) "George W. Bush Presidential Memorial Library"?

Answer: It depends on whether he only includes the ones where he had to color inside the lines or he can add the ones where he just had to connect the dots.

The later offerings were rather sparse, since "connecting the dots" wasn't exactly one of Dubbya's strong suits. Well, at least he's assured himself a place in history. Let's see...there's Smartest Presidents, Tallest Presidents, Shortest, Oldest, Youngest, Most Hated, Most Loved and Stupidest. Yep. That's it. That's the one.

Anonymous said...

hey gardenz,
the 11/13/08 comment was from me, franeli!
alack and alas,
we've finally got class!
let's hope the new year,
brings us some cheer
as Obama takes flight
into the NIGHT!

Linda said...

Hey, there "anonymous", franeli! :) Thanks for identifying the other "vote" of confidence in this brilliant, strong, commanding man.

I'm sure he'll make some mistakes, Regrettably but realistically, he'll be criticized, regardless. But I'm even more certain I've never cast a vote in my entire life that gave me more pleasure, more fulfillment, satisfaction and hope for this country.

peacegarden said...


I am still reeling from the reality that we did this! I never believed I would see this in my lifetime...there seems to be hop yet for our species!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!



Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart did a number about our still current president 2 days ago that was so hysterically funny we had to stop the tv for about 10 minutes and scream with laughter. It's so good to know that other people feel the same way we do! It's hard to wait till 1/20... (jenniferch)

Linda said...

jennifer, that wouldn't have been the Obama-bicycle metaphor? Where his parents' would try to disguise a bicycle by wrapping it up - in the shape of a bicycle - and not allowing the kids to open it and "find out what it is" till Christmas? That one?
"Pleeeeeeeeze, we know it's a bicycle(aka: President Obama)! Pleeeeeeeeeze, give us our Christmas present (aka: President Obama) NOW!"

I can always depend on Stewart to give me a laugh when I think I can't find a thing to laugh at. :) Linda