April 01, 2007

Ready & Waiting

Well, here's the new greenhouse up and awaiting its first residents. The seedling cart in my office-cum craft room-cum seed starting room is getting a bit overcrowded and since I heat my little poly house with a space heater, some of them will have to get bumped out there even though the temps are still a bit nippy.

Despite a spate of warmer (60 degree-ish) days, the nights have been still dipping into the upper 30's. Forecasts for the rest of this week auger for even colder daytime temps and still more frigid night temps. So, needles to say, the heater in the greenhouse will be cranked up at full thermostat setting (usually kicks on at around 45 degrees). After being coddled inside for weeks, I don't think my little leafy babies will want to shiver under an unheated poly blanket.

And...if the sun decides to shine, then cold or no cold, the inside of that little poly puppy gets up to around 80 or 90 even with outside temps at least 40-30 degrees cooler.

So, it's all set up. Good to go. New shelf system installed and special upper tier shelf to hold the heater and...hahahaha...the oscillating fan when needed. Crushed stone center path to act as a mini-heat sink. (And it sounds nice to walk on, too.) All thanks to my handy hubby. Without him, not only would the greenhouse not have been put together along with all its nifty inards, but...frankly...there'd be no desire to even want to garden in the first place. Or do much of anything else for that matter.

Thanks, Sweetie. I love you. "HOO-RAH"!!

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